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‘The very essence of leadership is that you have a vision. It’s got to be a vision that you can articulate clearly and forcefully on every occasion. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.’ - Theodore Hesburgh

Our vision is based around three core principals Strive, Achieve and Believe!

This is very much in the heart of everything we do.  As a result, our students are articulate, hard-working and well-rounded individuals who achieve highly and enjoy their educational journey.

The ‘Personal Best’ Curriculum

We are passionate about developing student character at The Chalk Hills Academy. Our ‘Personal Best’ curriculum develops key attributes under the following headings: Achievement, Attendance, Oracy, Literacy, Numeracy, Character & Resilience, Future and Community and Charity.  The ‘Personal Best’ curriculum launches in April 2017 for our Year 7 students with Years 8 and 9 starting in September 2017. At Key Stage 4 our students follow a ‘broad and balanced’ curriculum with opportunities to develop character through the Junior Leadership Team and Prefect system.

How Chalk Hills Works

The Principal creates a culture of high expectations and applies this to students (supported by parents and carers) and staff. Students are expected to attend on time every day in exemplary uniform. To support both our Duty of Care to students and to ensure high standards ALL staff on duty positions wear a ‘high visibility vest’ with TCHA logo. If students are a few seconds late they will attend the ‘late desk’ and serve a detention.

Once in class students are expected to be polite and studious, and engage fully in learning activities within their PL group. Planners are checked regularly by form tutors and equipment checks take place every week.

Teachers are expected to plan challenging and engaging lessons; to manage their classes with professionalism and pride, to cultivate a passion for their subject with their students; to ensure lessons are differentiated with an up to date ‘Active Folder’; to set meaningful homework and to mark students’ work regularly, providing feedback which helps the students to improve.

Data is employed throughout the academy to shine a light on performance. Students who fail to meet their target grades are monitored and given extra support. With students and teachers the monitoring and support is based on the premise that we BELIEVE everyone can and will succeed.

We equip students to thrive and gain confidence in the exam hall. We do this by holding regular formal assessments in every subject, at every year in the academy. The results of these assessments enable us to group students according to attainment. With such a diverse intake, we believe this is the best way of meeting the needs of our students. For our key examination groups (Years 11, 12 and 13) we provide intervention classes including before school (Period 0) after school (Period 6) and during holidays and weekends.

Students are developed through a culture of love and support, including a detailed and comprehensive programme of trips, clubs, sporting opportunities and events. PL tutors ensure our students are provided with daily contact with the same teacher and an opportunity to discuss current affairs and develop an awareness of Citizenship. Our assemblies (weekly for all year groups) provide a comprehensive programme covering topics such as health including nutrition and body awareness, citizenship, careers and virtues such as tolerance and respect for others. Special events such as ‘Holocaust Memorial Week’, The Sleigh Bell Appeal and charity events provide students with the skills and confidence to understand and contribute to the world beyond the academy gates. During 2016/17 our students have raised the following amounts of money for charity through a variety of activities including cake-sales, non-uniform days and charitable events: ‘Children in Need’ £1106.56, ‘Save The Children’ £1039.32 and £314.00 for Comic Relief.

We seek teachers who are keen to make a difference to the lives of our students. We foster a strong sense of team amongst our staff, as demonstrated through our three staff briefings a week. Friday briefing has a focus on ‘Powerful Practice’ and is led by a member of staff with a Teaching & Learning theme. We have a comprehensive staff benefits booklet, and clear lines of accountability through performance management.

A proactive leadership team works tirelessly to ensure that the various cogs in the organisation are aligned. We strive to improve and believe in working tirelessly in the pursuit of excellence.

What our students say

The teachers have helped me fulfil my true potential. – Libby Y11

Our classes are interactive and fun. – Joejemar Y11

I feel confident in my final year as our teachers really understand how we need to learn. - Ellis Y11

Every day we learn something new. - Naomi Y9

Our subject areas are well equipped and the teachers make our lessons fun and productive. They help us understand the work and reach our goals – Chloe Y11

Our teachers want us to succeed, everyone is supportive and the Academy a welcoming place. - Charlotte Y11

Being at the academy makes me want to come to school to learn. In class, I feel inspired to do the work I am set. - Emmanuel Y7

The learning standard is high, as is the quality of the teaching. This will, I hope, lead to good results as well as fond memories. – Sophie Y11

We get on well with our teachers and they have a good relationship with us, which makes for an enjoyable learning environment. – Joshua Y10

I am grateful for the support and experience the teachers provide and the great resources we have. – Jaymin Y9

The teachers are nice and give us the best education they can. They try to make the lessons as enjoyable as possible. – Angel Y7

I enjoy learning at the Academy as students support each other and the teachers help us with our learning. – Millie Y9