Exam Results

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2017 (Unvalidated) Examination results


Key Stage 4

  • Progress 8 score: 0.02
  • Attainment 8 score: 43.95
  • 31% of students achieved a good pass in English and Mathematics
  • 23% of students achieved the English Baccalaureate (EBacc)*
  • 100% of Triple Scientists achieved A*-C grades

*The English Baccalaureate is comprised of passes at grades A*-C in GCSE English, mathematics, two science awards, a modern language and either history or geography.



  • Average progress made in English -0.33
  • Average progress made in Maths 0.80
  • Academic VA score 0.06
  • Academic average point score 25.56 (C-)
  • Applied VA score 0.45
  • Applied average point score 41.849 (Dist+)
  • Technical average point score 39.17 (Dist+)


Post-19 Destinations

  • No NEETS, all students were accepted onto a University course, secured a training place or entered employment.
  • Students secured places at Aston, Queen Mary and Brunel.
  • 70% of students secured a place at University.
  • The University of Hertfordshire was the most popular institution of our leavers who went on to University.
  • Business-related courses were the most popular choice of our leavers.
  • Examples of apprenticeship placements were Lloyds Bank and Central Bedfordshire District Council.
  • 8 students decided to return to The Academy to enhance their studies with us.


Our 16-19 study programmes are personalised to each student to ensure they are suitable according to prior attainment, and to support their own education and career goals. All study plans will include one or more academic, applied or vocational qualifications. Where students do not hold A*-C grades for Level 2 English and Maths we will include the relevant GCSE course on the study plan. Students are encouraged to take part in meaningful non-qualification activity alongside their studies, for example, we offer DoE awards and sporting activities for enrichment. These will help to prepare the student for employment, training or further education. We also offer meaningful work placements to help students develop new skills and support their progression into a work environment.