Homework is set regularly. As students get older the amount of home learning they receive increases. Homework is recorded within our online planner on our new homework platform; Show My Homework.

Show My Homework, an online tool to help you keep track of your child’s homework. Show My Homework will allow you to see the details of the tasks your child has been set, as well as their submission status and grades. Parent login instructions and user guides can be accessed below:

Parent Login Instructions

Show My Homework User Guide

All students have an opportunity to complete their home learning during in our Learning Resource Centre which is open every evening until 6pm.

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How Much Homework should your child be getting?

For the Following Subjects your students should be getting 1 homework assignment every week:


For the Following Subjects your students should be get 1 hour/1 homework assignment once every two weeks:



How can you help your child with their homework?

  1. You can check your child’s homework in their planner as their teachers will have them write their homework on the day it is given with the due date beside it.
  2. Secondly, there are homework clubs going on around the school. Every Day after school in the LRC from 3:00-5:00pm and every Wednesday in HU2 from 3:00-4:00pm!
  3. You can also check the homework that is set on our online platform, Show My Homework. If you do not have your details or have lost your details you are able to call the school and get them. You can download a guide to checking homework on Show My Homework here.


Other Tips for success in homework

  • Ask your child about their homework, they are being set it!
  • Use a timer, most adolescent brains can only work for 30 minutes at a time! Set a timer for them to work for 25 minutes, and then have 5 minutes off to do something of their own or get a snack, then repeat! This works well for studying as well!
  • The best environment for students to get their homework done is on a tabled surface (for example kitchen table or desk), do NOT let them do their homework on their bed, it effects their sleeping habits!
  • TOP TIP: Revise every night for 5 minutes even if there is not homework, this will help your child remember their work from the day and will help them in the long run!