Key Personnel

Louise Lee
Louise Lee Principal
Clare Chambers
Clare Chambers Vice Principal - Behaviour, Safety and Welfare
Charlotte Linehan
Charlotte Linehan Associate Vice Principal Achievement
Adam Porter
Adam Porter Vice Principal - Teaching and Learning
Chloe McDougall
Chloe McDougall Vice Principal - Curriculum and Assessment
Natasha Jabbar
Natasha Jabbar Assistant Principal
Janet Dolman
Janet Dolman Assistant Principal - Whole School Behaviour Manager
Brendan McGowan
Brendan McGowan Assistant Principal - English and Maths Achievement, Pupil-Premium
Michaela Richards
Michaela Richards Assistant Principal
Priti Sharma
Priti Sharma Assistant Principal - Head of Faculty of Art and Technology
Zia Ali
Zia Ali Assistant Principal - Vocational Qualifications, Marketing
Stefan Bodo
Stefan Bodo Head of 6th Form
Tracy Davidson
Tracy Davidson School Nurse
Deborah Shortall
Deborah Shortall Admissions Coordinator PA to Vice Principal
Addil Bashir
Addil Bashir Curriculum Leader of Humanities
Alison Healey
Alison Healey Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
Anna Raja
Anna Raja Curriculum Leader of Psychology
Carol Phipps
Carol Phipps Family Worker
Gayle Elliott
Gayle Elliott Personal Assistant to the Principal
Juliet Kouchard
Juliet Kouchard Post 16 Data and Centre Compliance Manager
Kristina Cantel
Kristina Cantel Head of Year 10
Lydia Truman
Lydia Truman Administration Manager
Matt Dimond
Matt Dimond Head of Key Stage 4
Matt Kesby
Matt Kesby Curriculum Leader of Media
Michael Baker
Michael Baker Senior Year Leader
Naheed Malik
Naheed Malik Admin to Associate Vice Principals
Peggy Roberts
Peggy Roberts Examinations Officer
Rebecca Cox
Rebecca Cox Finance Assistant
Tahnia Khanom
Tahnia Khanom Curriculum Leader of Humanities
Victoria Elms
Victoria Elms Head of Year 8, Teacher of P.E.
Wendy Thurlow
Wendy Thurlow Receptionist
Vincent Neale
Vincent Neale Curriculum Leader of English
Rubina Kanzaria
Rubina Kanzaria Head of 6th Form

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