Auditioning for Greatness!

Auditioning for Greatness!

Today, a number of our most talented drama students were visited by professional actress Ellie Fanyinka. She discussed her own career, gave students guidance on getting into the performance industry and even gave them an opportunity to try their hand at a professional audition process!

This event was the first in a series of guest we are welcoming at Chalk Hills this year including lawyers, scientists and artists in order to educate our students as to real-life opportunities and routes into desirable careers.

The students were unanimous in their praise for the event, particularly enjoying the practical and vocationally relevant audition. It was a close run however as to Ellie enjoyed herself even more than they did!

This is what our students had to say:

Meeting Ellie Fanyinka, an established actor, was an amazing opportunity that not many people get. I was able to ask her questions about the industry that could relate to my future in drama. She gave me insight on what it may be like to follow a career path in drama and how I could start my journey towards a career in drama. - Ellis – Year 11


Overall, the drama workshop with Ellie was an eye opening experience to see the harsh reality of the acting industry. It also meant we got the opportunity to have a better understanding of how drama auditions are carried out. Meeting Ellie made me realise how important it is to acknowledge that there will always be setbacks and rejection will occur, but it doesn’t define you as a person and you should always keep trying. - Emma – Year 9