Brilliant Club Students Experience Oxford University

Brilliant Club Students Experience Oxford University

On Thursday 18th of January, twelve Chalk Hills students spent the day at Jesus College, Oxford University, at a launch event of the Brilliant Club Scholar's Programme.

The Brilliant Club Scholar's Programme is an initiative that connects university PhD researchers with school students, providing university-style tutorials along with visits to highly selective universities to raise academic aspiration. At the end of the programme, each group of students will have to produce a 2000 word, final assignment on their study topic which, once suitably assessed will lead to a graduation ceremony at another highly-selective university in September.

Our students have been matched to tutor Victoria Murphy, an education-technology PhD researcher who is delivering a course on large-scale disasters, including complex causes, risk management, media reporting and investigation.

All students had a fantastic day, given opportunities to learn about and discuss University life, application and opportunities including Q&As with current students and a tour of Jesus college and the local surroundings. They also had a study skills session detailing many of the research methods used by university researchers as well as their first tutorial on risk normalisation.

We would like to thank all students for being such fantastic ambassadors for the Academies and wish them luck over the upcoming weeks of study and assignment writing!