Brilliant Club Students are 1st Class!

Brilliant Club Students are 1st Class!

Our Brilliant Club students are now well underway in their studies on the topic of monomer sequence regulation in polymers and its importance in the field of macromolecules.

They have been taking part in weekly tutorials with their tutor, and PhD researcher Nadeema Appukutti, and completing challenging homework tasks to further research and communicate their understanding of aspects of their topic. Nadeema has reported to be very impressed by our students' hard work and enthusiasm and has even awarded university level 1st class judgements to some of the homework tasks produced!

Our students had the following to say about the programme;

‘I think it is amazing. It has given me an insight into university life. It is so inspiring, and has made me consider attending Oxford or Cambridge university in the future.’

"I would just like to thank Chalk Hills Academy and the Brilliant Club for this amazing opportunity. It really is a fantastically inspiring programme."

The students are now hard at work preparing for their final submissions with only one more tutorial to go. These submissions will then be assessed over summer and result in a graduation ceremony at another highly-selective university in September.