Inflatable Planetarium Visits TCHA!

Inflatable Planetarium Visits TCHA!

On 23rd and 24th April, students at The Chalk Hills Academy had the privilege of learning about the science behind the stars in our universe, the history of astronomy and played an interactive quiz in an inflatable planetarium from The National Space Centre in Leicester.

The students commented on how especially excited they were to find out about what happens when a star dies, and the possibilities of what would happen to Earth if our Sun was to die. It shocked them to find out that actually, the Sun would expand so much that eventually it would swallow up the Earth and incinerate it into a great big ball of fire. Thankfully (and to the joy of our students), we have millions and millions of years before we expect that to happen!

The visit also opened up a class discussion on careers in Space, Astronomy and even what it's like to work at The National Space Centre. This tied in very nicely with our Drop Down Day, which focussed on careers and employability skills.

Our visitors commented on how well our students behaved, and the quality and standard of the questions that were asked.

The National Space Centre is a museum and educational resource covering the fields of Space Science and Astronomy, along with a space research programme in partnership with the University of Leicester.