Our Giant Reading Chair

Our Giant Reading Chair

I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library

Jorge Luis Borges

Here at Chalk Hills we are creating our own little literary paradise. A giant reading chair has appeared in the courtyard! Our Year 7 children have been enjoying sitting in the chair each day, spending a little time absorbed in a story.

Stories can transport us from stormy castles, to the scorched plains of Africa, to worlds we could never have imagined in the shortest of time. They spark imagination, stimulate curiosity and develop our brains.

You can help to foster the children’s love of reading by purchasing a book to be read in the giant reading chair from our Amazon Wish List.

These books have been selected from the best short stories literature has to offer. Plus some poetry, myths and legends to support topics covered in class this year. You are sure to recognise some of your favourite tales.

Please click on the link below to purchase a book of stories, myths or poetry to help build their paradise library


Don’t forget to add a note to your order with your details so that we can thank you!