'School of Rock' Amazes Audience at TCHA!

'School of Rock' Amazes Audience at TCHA!

The School of Rock performance was held on the 30th November & 1st December at TCHA.

The event proved to be exceptionally popular, and the musical had parents, carers, staff and students literally dancing in the main hall!

The lead character Dewey Finn was played on alternate nights by Mason Burgess and Abraham Contreras, while Chaise Wood proved to be an exceptional Principal Mullins.

Lead roles were also played by Josh Holding, Kiyana Maragh, Emma O'Brien and Beth Richards.

The ensemble was made up of many talented students who were a credit to the Performing Arts Department. Gabriele Ignataviciute gave an impressive vocal performance as Tomika.

The production had been carefully crafted and managed by Ms Lawson and Mr Lloyd along with support from Mr Stone, Miss Spencer and Mr Peirce.

The 'band' gave a faultless performance, and was made up of Jack Topham on trombone, Niaina Guedegbe on guitar, Hasan Anwar on percussion, James Routledge on the trumpet and Mr Peirce on keys.


Two truly sensational evenings which will not be forgotten! Thanks to all our parents, carer, staff and students who supported the show!