TCHA wins Young Careers Challenge!

TCHA wins Young Careers Challenge!

On Thursday 14 September, 7 Year 10 students visited Cranfield University to complete the Young Careers Challenge.  This followed on from a visit to the University in May and being introduced to the current projects that they were developing in relation to sustainability.


The students were divided into 2 groups.  Each group had to devise a theme and follow through with a pitch to be made to a panel consisting of Sir Peter Gregson – VC Cranfield University, Helen Chapman - Director of Careers and Jan Flawn - Chair of Woman in Leadership.  Following their pitch, the students would then be asked detailed questions about their project and the viability and sustainability they believed it contained.


The first group of students, Charlie Addison, Abigail Atkins, Louise Evans and Aaron Kedzierski, had completed their project on ‘How to Make a Home Sustainable’.  This included ideas on insulation, water collection, reusable energy and recycling.  They produced a power point presentation along with a model house showing all their ideas.  They answered the questions knowledgeably and fully and equipped themselves excellently.


The second group of students, Muraz Asoyan, Angel Coman and Roberta Iftime, had completed their project on ‘A Glass Roof Top’.  This covered the type of glass, how it could be maintained and what uses the converted power could be used for. Again, questions were very specific to their project and they answered them well.


After a short break, where the panel considered all projects, they announced the winning project as ‘How to Make a House Sustainable’.  The students received a certificate and a family pass to an MK Dons football match this season.


The ‘Glass Roof Top’ project was highly commended.


Well done to all our students.