The Brilliant Club 2018

The Brilliant Club 2018

A dozen of our most dedicated Year 9 students are busy with preparations for the launch trip of this year's Brilliant Club Scholar's programme.

Jesus College, Oxford University

Next Thursday the programme will be launched during a visit to Oxford University's Jesus College where the students will be introduced to their tutor; receive their project booklets; be instructed in University research and referencing methodologies as well as have the opportunity to tour the college itself and interrogate some current students into the realities of University life.

Our students will participate in an academically challenging Humanities programme entitled ‘Disasters: Learning from the past’ that is pitched by PhD researcher Victoria Murphy. Students take part in five one-hour tutorials in school and are set homework, building towards a final 1,500 word written assignment which will be marked at a university level and lead to a graduation ceremony at another highly-selective university later this year.

The Brilliant Club provides students with the opportunity to participate in programmes of university-style tutorials, which are led by passionate and committed PhD students and focus on academic development. The Brilliant Club helps students translate their potential for places at highly selective universities. Furthermore, by connecting schools and universities in this way, it provides an innovative solution that addresses a number of the challenges that we share in our endeavour to give the next generation fair access to an outstanding education.

Last year's students had this to say about the programme:

‘I think it is amazing. It has given me an insight into university life. It is so inspiring, and has made me consider attending Oxford or Cambridge university in the future.’

"I would just like to thank Chalk Hills Academy and the Brilliant Club for this amazing opportunity. It really is a fantastically inspiring programme."

We wish all our students the very best of luck as they pursue this exciting opportunity and look forward to hearing about their projects.