Research and Development


One of the key deliverables of the Teaching School Partnership is to maintain expertise at the forefront of educational practice and to pioneer and evaluate new approaches which enhance Teaching and Learning and school performance.

As such, a programme of Research and Development  has been established across the partner schools of the Shared Learning Trust. The R&D programme is central to the work of the Teaching School Partnership, as it offers a way to create and share new knowledge and evidence of effective practice.

The R&D programme will fulfill the following key roles:

  • Enable partner schools to engage in research and development (R&D) activities by working with individuals within the partner schools as well as across the Shared Learning Trust and other schools  locally, nationally and internationally;
  • Provide  opportunities for training, sharing expertise and wider dissemination of what works;
  • Provide a forum for networking between leaders of schools within and outside the Shared Learning Trust, so they can learn from and with each other.


The R&D programme will:

  • focus on research that would identify and/or help address key school improvement priorities;
  • support staff in undertaking research that supports their own professional development and feeds into whole-school objectives;
  • identify a team of staff in each partner school who will be trained to undertake regular research and enquiry projects and feed these into the Shared Learning Trust;
  • nurture a supportive culture characterised by trust, openness and enquiry;
  • seek to increase the proportion of teachers who draw on research by making it easily available;
  • agree a radical innovation in one or more areas of practice to develop and research in collaboration with a national or international partner organisation.