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UHA Certificates (Halal Accreditation)

All catering at the academy is provided by E&B, a company serving over 60 schools and colleges across the UK. Working in partnership with E&B, the academy aims to provide students with a range of healthy options at all intervals during the day, including breakfast, break and lunch.

2016-award-logo-lo-resEverything is made freshly on the premises each day and there is always a varied menu on offer throughout the week, with dishes such as traditional roast and fish and chips proving popular with students on Wednesdays and Fridays respectively. Rarely will a student be unable to find something to ‘tickle their taste buds’, with a cold lunch alternative to the hot lunch being provided daily. This offer includes a range of freshly prepared baguettes, sandwiches and wraps, together with a selection of tray bakes, also made on the premises. A ready prepared fruit selection is also on offer at every meal serving.

We aim to minimise the amount of time students spend queuing for their lunch, which is why we have adopted a cashless catering system, which radically reduces transaction times, but also provided a separate dining area for those preferring the cold buffet option. Dining tables are set up in the academy’s main hall and students are able to sit in quiet and comfortable surroundings to consume either their packed lunch from home, or the food purchased within the academy.

With students being unable to leave the academy site at break or lunch it’s important that they are inspired by the food on offer to them and with this in mind Innovate regularly hold food tastings, at which students are able to sample new dishes and snacks, many of which find their way onto the menu at break or lunch as a permanent offer.