Our Practitioners


Hannah Nelson  hannah-nelson
SLE Designation: PE
Position: Curriculum Leader for Sport
Phase: Secondary
Specialist areas: Hannah has been a Curriculum Leader for over 3 years and strives to maintain an outstanding faculty. She takes pride in being an outstanding practitioner and giving every student opportunities to achieve and enjoy being active.  Along with maximum participation her students have enjoyed great success at county level and beyond.  Hannah can offer support for curriculum planning across all Key stages and raising achievement in key stage 4.   Hannah can also offer support in other areas including behaviour and safety, teaching and learning and enrichment


Natasha Jabbar  natasha-jabbar
Advanced Skills Teacher: Science
Position: Assistant Principal
Phase: Secondary
Specialist areas: Science curriculum and Teaching & Learning

Natasha has experience as a Head of science and an Assistant Principal of Science across two academies.  She has a strong commitment to raising standards in teaching and learning, and her background as an AST of Science provides a platform for modelling best practice in the classroom.  She currently delivers the ‘Improved Teacher Programme’ and the ‘Outstanding Teacher Programme’ and is experienced in delivering a variety of CPD and workshop sessions.


Wajid Tufiq  wajid-tufiq
SLE Designation: Geography
Position: Advanced Skills Teacher Lead
Phase: Secondary
Specialist areas: Wajid has successfully led two Geography departments and developed fieldwork opportunities in a local consortium to enhance student learning. Wajid is an innovative teacher who has inspired other members of the department to implement a range of successful strategies that has led to a significant and sustained improvement in Geography.

Wajid was appointed as an AST in 2013 and an SLE in 2014. He has worked successfully with staff of varying levels of experience and in a variety of curriculum areas, focusing on areas such as, assessment, resource development and engaging learners. Wajid has helped designed schemes of learning which includes opportunities for enquiry based learning, independent learning and strategies for successful differentiation.

His experience has resulted in him developing CPD sessions that are explicitly tailored towards the new teaching standards and which are not only sensitive and flexible to the needs of the individual but also address departmental and whole school priorities.  He has provided support to other departments in school through coaching. He has supported middle leaders and departments in other Academies and this has resulted in considerable improvements in their performance. He has also successfully delivered the ITP and the OTP programme.


Nicole Burman  nicole-burman
Advanced Skills Teacher: Drama
Position: Assistant Principal
Phase: Secondary
Specialist areas: In the course of her career, Nicole has worked as a Subject Leader, Head of Performing Arts, Teacher Trainer, Drama Examiner and Assistant Principal.  She has been an AST in Drama since 2008 and now works as an Assistant Principal for the Shared Learning Trust at Chalks Hills Academy. Nicole is able to support teachers and subject leaders across the curriculum and key stages through sharing and modelling creative teaching and behaviour management strategies. Nicole is also a trained facilitator for the Improving Teacher Programme and Outstanding Teacher Programme.  She enjoys sharing good practice and helping teachers develop through one-to-one support and delivery of CPD sessions.


Giselle Hobbs  
Advanced Skills Teacher: English
Position: Assistant Principal
Phase: Primary
Giselle is a Media and English specialist with a strong record of improving achievement on a class, faculty and whole-school basis. Giselle leads on the development of technologies and data to improve teaching & learning and student outcomes. Data is Giselle’s chief strength, and she is well placed to advise on data management strategies and systems, including the use of data by individuals, teams and leaders at all levels to strengthen line management. Giselle is able to mentor and support individual teachers as a mentor or coach, and has experience supporting unqualified, NQT and overseas-trained teachers. A keen reader, Giselle follows national curriculum developments and pedagogical research closely.