Shuttleworth Visit in Activities Week

As part of our Academy-wide 'Activities Week' our year 7, 8 and 9 students enjoyed a lovely day out each to see the Shuttleworth Collection and Swiss Garden. 

Fortunately the weather was on our side (and students had worn their walking shoes) because we toured the extensive site and on the guided tours we were able to see a friendly peacock, and range of exhibitions, including the oldest working plane in England! 

During the interactive stations, students really enjoyed making model rockets that they got to shoot off, and their competitive instincts came out when competing to knock down the most cups using air pressure cannons.  In addition, all students had the opportunity to fly a virtual plane using a gaming console: however, the most exciting, and terrifying, moment was when Jay Jay was selected to fly a very real (and likely very expensive) model airplane using a remote control. 

We were all very happy to witness a successful flight from Captain Jay Jay!  It was a fun and memorable trip for our students.