What others have said about the Teaching Trust:


“The Teaching Trust has played a key role in our development of a coherent approach to school to school support across Luton.  This has been through their active involvement in the development of a strategic partnership with the Local Authority School Improvement Service and other teaching school alliances in the Borough.  The Local Authority supports Chalk Hills' application to continue their designation as a Teaching School.  We recognise that the Teaching Trust has provided support to schools within The Shared Learning Trust (and welcome the broadening of this support to other schools within the Local Authority.  We look forward to being able to draw upon the expertise of The Teaching Trust to support schools in Luton within the context of a coherent school improvement system.”

                    Caroline Dawes Ofsted Inspector and Luton Local Authority               Advisor


‘Since Hillborough Junior School and Chalk Hills (formerly Barnfield West) were designated as teaching schools in September 2013 both institutions, together with their Alliances, have worked tirelessly to build strong partnerships as we seek to play our part in system leadership across and beyond Luton … ‘

‘Since March 2014 the Headteachers  … have been holding half-termly  planning meetings (hosted and Chaired by Barnfield West (Chalk Hills) with the aim of creating a matrix of CPD and Succession Planning opportunities which complement provision and reduce needless competition’.

Luton First Teaching Alliance


‘The Barnfield Teaching School Partnership (now The Shared Learning Trust Teaching School) has played a key role in our development of a coherent approach to school to school support across Luton.  This has been through their active involvement in the development of a strategic partnership with the Local Authority School Improvement Service and other teaching school alliances in the Borough.’

Luton Local Authority


‘Chalk Hills has actively engaged with the University of Hertfordshire in Initial Teacher Education (ITE) for both the PGCE and School Direct programmes. It has been a lead school for School Direct (SD) for 2013-14 and 2014-15. The staff is proactively engaged in the recruitment and selection process, including participating in all the recruitment events we have held at the university. They fully recruited to their primary and secondary for 2014-15.

The senior leaders take partnership seriously and they have always sent a representative to the SD strategy group that oversees the SD programme in our partnership schools and leads on the development of the programme. The new Professional Mentor is keen to engage in the training and to develop her role in the Academy supporting Teacher Education…

I look forward to continuing our partnership with Chalk Hills in the future’.

Anne Mansey, Head of ITE, University of Hertfordshire


What Ofsted and Principals say about the TEACHING SCHOOL:


School to School Support

The BTSP (now The Shared Learning Trust) works within and external to the Alliance, Sandy Upper (Sandy), Brewers Hill (Dunstable) and Vale Academy. As a result, each of these schools achieved OFSTED grade Good.


Vale Academy - 'Trustees ensure that the academy achieves good support and advice from across the Trust and the teaching school'

Sept 2014 Section 5 –   OFSTED, Good


Sandy Upper School - ‘Inspectors visited 34 lessons, conducted 10 joint observations with senior managers and representatives from the Barnfield Teaching School team who are currently supporting the school’

Oct 2013 Section 8 OFSTED, now Good, most improved school Nationally 2013-14.’


Stockwood Park Academy – ‘In 2013, we were the ‘Third Most Improved School in the Country’ and furthermore won four national awards for achievement. The BTSP are supporting actions to ensure that similar progress outcomes are reached in all curriculum areas.’ –

Principal, Stockwood Park Academy


Linden School - I credit the BTSP for much of the school’s successes and improvements to date. Primary schools have small leadership teams and limited capacity. Having the BTSP, with its variety of experts, has been invaluable to us as a school’. –

Principal, Linden School


Studio School - ‘The school receives good support from the Barnfield Teaching School. This includes reviewing planning, moderating students’ work, observing teaching and team teaching'.                                       

Jan 2015 Section 8, OFSTED


Barnfield West (Chalk Hills) Academy – ‘Self-evaluation at the academy is strong. Leaders have a clear picture of what the academy does well and what needs to be prioritised for further development. Clear academy and subject department development plans create a coherent approach to improving outcomes for students.’

‘Teachers are committed to improving their own skills and they regularly take advantage of the high quality professional development opportunities available at the academy. This has enabled continuous improvement in the quality of teaching.’

Ofsted September 2015


Barnfield South (Stockwood Park) Academy – ‘The quality of teachers’ professional development is good. The academy ensures that teachers and leaders are suitably equipped for their subjects or their other responsibilities.’

‘There is a good range of effective professional development opportunities for staff, which are based within the academy. Leaders have successfully created a good culture for staff development.’

‘The multi-academy trust has supported the academy well through providing a partnership with a lead school with responsibility for the quality of teaching. Members of the leadership team work across a number of academies within the federation, bringing back and utilising expertise to improve the quality of leadership and teaching, with striking impact.’

                   Ofsted May 2015


Ormiston Park Academy – ‘Thank you for this write-up and a huge thank you for your time yesterday – a hugely productive day and a pleasure to work with you. I’m really looking forward to forming the team and getting things moving.’ –

Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning, May 2015

Working and Training in The Shared Learning Trust

I qualified as a teacher in June 2011 at the University of Ottawa. I was so excited when I attended a job fair and was offered a position in London working for Protocol Education. I moved to Luton in early 2012 and had long term posts covering a range of classes and age groups. I truly found my passion and calling for teaching when I joined the Studio School Team in 2013. It has truly been the most rewarding experience. From starting as an English teacher to my current role as Head of English, I have learned that the students are the ones who are our educators. Our students are the meaning of resilience and striving to achieve your very best. It has been incredible watching our students grow into young adults and excel at their dreams.


Head of English

The Studio School, Luton

Part of The Shared Learning Trust

I started my career as an Unqualified Teacher in September 2012 working across two departments who were able to nurture and develop my teaching practice. The Chalk Hills Academy teaching and learning team, and members of the English and Media department at the time were incredibly supportive of my progress which led me to gain a position as a trainee teacher the following year. Thanks to the guidance of a dedicated mentor and having access to a team of skilled individuals allowed me to develop skills quickly during my training, where I was encouraged to trial new teaching practices and feedback to senior teaching staff. Thanks to the successes I had that year I was promoted to Head of Department for Media within my NQT year. With the support, guidance and encouragement of an excellent Academy within my first year as Head of Department, we managed to achieve record numbers of students choosing the subject as well as our GCSE results being the highest ever!


Curriculum Leader of Media and Film

Chalk Hills Academy

Part of The Shared Learning Trust