The Brilliant Club

There is funding allocated within the Teaching Trust budget to run the following programmes:

Academy Groups Year Group Term Focus Lead Contact
Linden Academy 2 groups of 6 students Years  5 and 6 Autumn Term Art and Humanities Julia Roberts
Vale Academy 2 groups of 6 students Years 5 and 6 Autumn Term STEM David Barker
Chalk Hills Academy 1 group of 6 students Year 9 Summer Term STEM Jamie Douglas

Nazam Latif

Stockwood Park Academy 1 group of 6 students Year 9 Summer Term Art and Humanities John Whittle

Students should be highly motivated FSM/Ever 6 students, or at least make up 33% of a cohort of 12 – (4 students) therefore a minimum of 12 FSM students in total, but ideally more.

Each group is assigned a trained PHD research student who will work with the academies and meet students in groups of 6. The object of the project is to develop a love of learning, critical thinking and develop accountability and collaboration. Primary students have to produce a 1,000-word assignment by the end of the term which is marked one key stage above their current key stage. Secondary students have to produce a 1,500-word assignment which will be marked at degree level. They undertake 6 sessions including a launch trip to a University – either Warwick or UCL and then have the opportunity to have a ‘graduation’ ceremony at Kings’ College in London – likely to be on a Saturday so that parents/carers can attend.

The only aspect not covered by the funding from the Teaching Trust would be the cost of getting to and from the University. All resources and lunch is covered by the Club. Students will receive VLE log-in details and all the impact data and marking of assignments is undertaken by the Club.