The LSA Programme

Many school leaders recognise the invaluable role played by Learning Support Assistants in supporting vulnerable & disadvantaged learners, raising achievement and narrowing the gap.

This programme is designed to equip Learning Support Assistants with a clear understanding of their role so that they can develop and maximise their effectiveness in the classroom. It aims to inspire and invigorate staff by focusing in on the strategies which yield greatest impact on student performance & wellbeing.

The course covers both theory and practical application of key skills to support learning, in an environment where delegates can share experiences and raise questions or issues of concern.

The aims of the programme are to:

  • Ensure there is a clear and shared understanding of the role of the LSA.
  • Discuss strategies for maximising use of the LSA to develop personal effectiveness in the classroom.
  • Encourage LSAs to become reflective practitioners.
  • Share strategies for setting up effective communication and professional dialogue with both colleagues and pupils.
  • Acknowledge which barriers are holding you back in your role development- and explore what opportunities exist.

Click here for The LSA Programme flyer.


*£150 per LSA

*Additional £50 for key aspects of the programme to be delivered to the whole school


All 6 sessions will run at Chalk Hills Academy from 14:00-16:00

Session 1 Evolving Role in Teaching   – Thursday 12th October

Session 2 What’s In A Label & Managing Student Behaviour?   – Wednesday 22nd November

Session 3 Proactively Support Learning  – Tuesday 12th December

Session 4 Developing your skills & maximising impact   – Friday 19th January

Session 5 The Reflective Practitioner & Powerful Partnerships – Tuesday 20th February

Session 6 Getting the most out of “me”!   – Thursday 5th March