The Teaching & Learning Team

The Teaching & Learning team are committed to increasing the quality of our student's education through provision of a suite of personalised and targeted staff training programmes and events, use of up to date evidence based methodologies and rigorous quality assurance. Each team member is affiliated to a particular department and whole-school priority to provide expert coaching and mentorships, training programmes and innovations in practice.

The Teaching Trust, sited at The Chalk Hills Academy, gives us a unique opportunity to not only offer accredited courses both to our own staff as well as those from other schools. We also provide consultancy and school-to school support on a variety of school improvement topics and support trainee teachers through a variety of different routes into the profession.

All of our staff are engaged in Lesson Study programmes investigating applications of the latest research in their own classrooms, supported by the Teaching & Learning Team, and many of our staff contribute to our bi-annual TeachMeets, sharing the results of these investigations.


Adam Porter

Vice Principal - Teaching and Learning
Teaching Strengths: Learning Science and Research, Assessment, Educational Technology.
Favourite lesson to teach: History of Mexican Cinema.
Biggest Success last year: New quality assurance approach for teaching & learning.
Biggest Target for this year: Ensuring success of our new teacher lesson study research programme.

Natasha Jabbar

Assistant Principal – Teaching Trust Lead
Department link: Science
Favourite lesson to teach: Genetic Testing & Stem Cell Technology

nkr Naheeda Kausar

Director of Teaching and Learning
Department link: Maths
Specialism: Training teachers
Teaching Strengths: Differentiation, Demonstrating Progress, Subject Knowledge.
Favourite lesson to teach: Loci
Biggest Success last year: 100% of trainees and NQTs successfully completed their respective accreditations
Biggest Target for this year: Regular PP Live sessions including IRIS to record and share best teaching.

sad Sadaf Ahmed

Teaching and Learning Leader
Department link Business & Media
Specialism: Provision for SEND & EAL
Teaching Strengths: Questioning, Demonstrating Progress, Pace.
Favourite lesson to teach: Branding
Biggest Success last year: Completing Lead practitioner course and achieving Silver in the EAL quality mark
Biggest Target for this year: Raising the progress of EAL learners at KS4.

kcn Kacey Chauhan

Teaching and Learning Leader
Department link Art & Technology
Specialism: Coaching and Video use for Quality T&L
Teaching Strengths: Planning, Practical Skills Demonstration, Feedback
Favourite lesson to teach: Portraits - Van Gogh
Biggest Success last year: Use of the CHA Essentials to promote consistency for T&L and the use of Oracy Cards to promote Literacy
Biggest Target for this year: Use of IRIS technology to improve T&L

James Alexander

Teaching and Learning Leader
Department link: PE
Specialism: Provision for the Most Able
Teaching Strengths: Questioning, Behaviour management, Coaching
Favourite lesson to teach: Defending 1v1
Biggest Success last year: 100% of my A Level PE group achieving a B or above.
Biggest Target for this year: Developing strategies to further challenge Most Able students.

ara Anna Raja

Teaching and Learning Leader
Department link: Humanities
Specialism: Sixth Form Teaching
Teaching Stregths: Student Progress, Questioning, Assessment.
Favourite lesson to teach: Research methods in Psychology
Biggest Success last year: Raising the quality of teaching at 6th Form resulting in higher achievement at A-level.
Biggest Target for this year: Ensuring consistency of teaching approaches at KS5

crs Candice Ross

Teaching and Learning Leader
Department link: English
Specialism: Marking & Feedback
Teaching Strengths: Relationships, Engagement, Modelling
Favourite lesson to teach: The Boy in Striped Pyjamas novel study.
Biggest Success last year: Launching of PIN marking to ensure better and more immediate student response.
Biggest Target for this year: Making a success of 'student experience' book looks.