About the: The Teaching Trust

The Teaching Trust is family of four schools in Bedfordshire- two primary and two secondary. We aim to offer exceptional teacher training and high quality professional development programmes to new and experienced staff to support them in excelling in their career.

We are able to cater for specific requests, and can offer custom-made school-to-school support packages that focus on the quality of teaching and learning, curriculum development and many aspects of Leadership and Management using the expertise of specific staff. Chalk Hills is a high performing school with consistently high results, particularly in English, Maths and Science. We have skilled staff that can offer subject-specific support in Core subjects, focussing on curriculum planning & development, focussed intervention and stretching the more able.

The Teaching Trust has a number of SLEs, Lead practitioners and Advanced Skills Teachers, whose skills are regularly employed (Please see our website for more information on SLEs). Our first cohort of twenty Lead Practitioners will also begin their accreditation this month. We look forward to them providing specialist expertise in areas of Maths, Humanities, Sport, Psychology, Art, Media, Performing Arts, Science, Literacy and Business; to name a few.

As a trust we aim to offer exceptional training that is facilitated by experienced school leaders, who have exemplary records in leadership, and improving outcomes for their students. Our interactive training and support programmes are available to all schools and academies. We look forward to working with you in the future.




The Teaching Trust Meeting Schedule 2016-17

All meetings will be held from 14:00 – 15:30 

28th September 2016 TCHA
23rd November 2016 TSPA
25th January 2017 TVA
29th March 2017 TLA
24th May 2017 TCHA
19th July 2017 TSPA


For more information on programmes offered, please contact:

Natasha Jabbar
Assistant Principal

or telephone on 01582 884174


The Teaching Trust
The Chalk Hills Academy
Leagrave High Street
Bedfordshire LU4 0NE

01582 884100